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Gerflor Products


Adams Jones Pty Ltd is a Premium Installer of Gerflor SPM range. Gerflor's SPM products include wall, corner and door protection along with handrails and wall panels. We work with you to meet all of your health, safety, cleanliness requirements, providing excellent durable and low maintenance products to suit your commercial application.


Gerflor's philosophy in the healthcare segment is to provide the best integrated solution to meet the needs of healthcare and administrative employees, patients and visitors. Health services are supplied to more than 500 million people daily on Gerflor surfaces, they have a proven record of supplying products and resources to enable project partners to deliver world class health facilities with state of the art SPM accessories, floor and wall coverings.


Gerflor recognises that each area of the hospital or aged care facility has to be finished and equipped specifically in terms of performance, aesthetics, functionality, duty of care and regulatory requirements. We have created solutions handling these constraints, whilst still enabling you to customise each area with a wide variety of designs and colours.


Our SPM products have stain resistant surface treatments enabling easy cleaning and guaranteed hygiene. While guaranteeing the technical performance and design of our products, we manufacture with regard to the environment as well as the health of our users.